All she knew was that she was a tramp, a slut, a roundheeled girl no good for anything but sex. She would flunk out of school and wind up screwing her happy way through life until she finally died and they put her in a box and shoveled her into a hole. This, while it made her drink during the bad moments, made her almost happy the rest of the time.

Lawrence Block Campus Tramp
The Crossing Joe McKinney
Pray to Stay Dead Mason James Cole
Carnage Road Gregory Lamberson
Reanimated Americans Martin Mundt
Scavengers Nate Southard
World in Red John Sebastian Gorumba
Campus Tramp Lawrence Block
Children of the New Disorder Tim Lebbon
Lindy Moore
Thin Them Out Kim Paffenroth
RJ Sevin
Julia Sevin
Flesh is Fleeting...
Art is Forever!
Gary A. Braunbeck
The Shallow End of the Pool Adam-Troy Castro
The Fever Kill Tom Piccirilli
Frayed Tom Piccirilli
Corpse Blossoms Ed. RJ Sevin,
Julia Sevin

5/16/2012 Three new titles now available at

The Crossing is a priced-to-shamble novelette by zombie superstar Joe McKinney and comes with a free bonus the first four chapters of Nate Southard's Scavengers!

Greg Lamberson's Carnage Road novella takes you across an America packed shoulder-to-shoulder with braindead, violent zombies... and there are undead, too!

Are zombies paying too much attention to your yummy guts and not enough to your funny bone? Martin Mundt has the cure! His black comedy Reanimated Americans exposes the sides of bureaucracy and walking corpses that you'd never ask to see (i.e. all of them!).

5/8/2012 BIG NEWS

Creeping Hemlock Press presents Nightmare Magazine edited by John Joseph Adams

In October, we'll launch Nightmare Magazine, a new monthly online magazine dedicated to horror of every stripe and edited by none other than anthologist supreme, John Joseph Adams!

Learn more--and help kickstart your nightmares--right here.

We have a new Amazon store where you can purchase all of our PRINT IS DEAD titles, including Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson, The Crossing by Joe Mckinney, and Reanimated Americans by Martin Mundt.

1/9/12 Brief Hiatus & New Zombie Books!

Please note that we will be out of town until January 18th. All direct orders placed between now and then will not be shipped until we return.

Signed copies of Pray to Stay Dead are temporarily out of stock. We will have more copies on hand within two weeks.

Reanimated Americans, our new Print Is Dead novel by Martin Mundt, is coming promptly and is already available in Kindle format, paperback, and at Smashwords.

Joe McKinney's The Crossing is now available in Kindle format and at Smashwords.

5/10/11 Test Drive Three New Zombie Titles

Print is Dead, new line of zombie novels from Creeping Hemlock Press

Print Is Dead is up and shambling, keeping us running like a demonic flesheater. It started with Mason James Cole's Pray to Stay Dead, with Nate Southard's Scavengers and John Sebastian Gorumba's World in Red hot on its heels! All three were extremely well-received at this year's World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to read these novels, so we're making the first hundred pages of each available as a FREE sampler pdf for you to read and freely share.

Download your 3mb pdf today!


Print is Dead, new line of zombie novels from Creeping Hemlock Press

It's finally here! Creeping Hemlock Press is delighted to announce that Print Is Dead, a new line of zombie novels, has hit the ground running with our inaugural novel, Mason James Cole's Pray to Stay Dead.

George A. Romero himself on Print Is Dead: "These guys know more about the undead than I do... and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies for as long as I can remember."

Watch this space for more announcements about new Print Is Dead titles, artwork, and excerpts. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter! You can even customize your subscription interests.

3/1/11 Lawrence Block's CAMPUS TRAMP

CAMPUS TRAMP by Lawrence Block from Creeping Hemlock Press

Luminary of crime fiction Lawrence Block has granted us the rights to reprint Campus Tramp, a softcore erotic paperback novel originally published in 1960 by Nightstand Books under the pseudonym "Andrew Shaw." Features a new afterword by the author and a foreword by Ed Gorman.

Campus Tramp is now available for order at bookstores everywhere, for Kindle at as well as through both in print and for Nook!